Planning for Excellence

Building Capabilities for fostering High Quality Comprehensive, Coordinated Healthcare. Shifting Organizational Culture. Promoting Technical and Behavioral Changes that Sustain Continuous Improvement. Emphasis on Prevention. Results Driven. Cost Effectiveness.

Metrics-driven Approach

Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Defining SMART Goals. Root Cause Analysis. Identifying Gaps. Mapping Objectives to Real Measurements.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuously Assessing Organizational Performance. Statistical Process Control. Continuously Reducing Waste. Continuously Improving Efficiency. Empowering Employees.



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Sustaining Improvement images

Sustaining Improvement

This white paper presents a framework that health care organizations can use to sustain improvements in the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of patient care. The key to sustaining improvement is to focus on the daily work of frontline managers, supported by a high-performance management system that prescribes standard tasks and responsibilities for managers at all levels of the organization.....

Leadership and Vision for a Culture of Safety

Leadership and Vision for a Culture of Safety

Health care leaders consistently give voice to the importance of culture and safety. Asked to name the top leadership skills needed for success in the evolving health care environment, members of the NEJM Catalyst Insights Council...........

Up-Streamism: Health in the 21st Century

Up-Streamism: Health in the 21st Century

In August Of 2010, I Received A Phone Call No One Wants. My Cousin’s Stepson Had Just Returned From Afghanistan. He’d Joined The Army After A Tough Childhood, Surviving The Divorce Of His Parents, His Birth Mom’s Mental Instability, And A Patch Of Substance Abuse............

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